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A selection of games I have worked on that are more or less finished.


Engine: Unity


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Albjarkar is a third-person adventure game that was made as a part of the second year group project at university. The game is set in a north mythology inspired world where a young girl takes it upon herself to save the forest from a corruption.

For this project my focus was white-boxing level concepts in Unity, more general level design on paper, research, as well as encounter design, all while working on the game design document on the side. If we were given more time I think this game could have turned into something really nice. Me and one programmer worked together trying to make a fun AI for the game, unfortunately, it was left very unpolished and buggy.

Luddis was made for the first group project in school, during my first year. The game is aimed for a very young audience and the game was designed as such. The player plays as a dustrat exploring the world while under constant attacks from the many denizens of a house's harder to reach areas for a human.

When the project started everyone had been studying game development for about half a year, as such, this project had much less focus. Never the less, my job was even at this point much like the one at Albjarkar. I designed the levels for this game as well, including the bosses and the interactions of most enemies.

However, the group's decision of making our own engine may have backfired here, since it did not give the programmers enough time to work on meaningful interactions, ai, or make an editor for us designers to use. As such I was stuck making collision boxes, adding monsters and other objects throughout the levels using only coordinates and angles.


Engine: C++


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Mods that I have developed primarily solo.

The Taiwan Mod

Europa Universalis 4


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The Taiwan Mod was first brought up as an idea after I visited a Aboriginal Taiwanese museum in Taipei which highlighted the plethora of tribes that had inhabited Taiwan before Europeans and later the Chinese colonized the island.

In Europa Universalis 4 there seemed to have been a trend of adding many smaller historical tribes to game, especially in the Africas. As such I thought that it could be interesting to try playing as a tribe in Taiwan, seeing as it is a very different area geographically, being so very close to the massive Ming Empire it might prove a special challenge.

With all this in mind I redrew the provinces of Taiwan and added still existing tribes, this makes the game a bit ahistorical since many of the areas where actually inhabited by now extinct tribes. Unfortunately there is not much information to be found about these tribes because it seems nobody cared to record anything about them.

A problem I perceived with Europa Universalis 4 is a lack of uniqueness in provinces. Of course provinces do vary geographically and how developed they are, but other than this there is not much to give them any real personality.

Only a few major places are further described in the game by the way of province modifiers ie. Dalaskogen has the modifier "Stora Kopparberget" which comes with a description of why and a bonus. This teaches the player some of the local history, and also gives it a special value compared to other provinces based on its unique bonus.

I reccon more provinces should feature this type of modifier, they do not need to be extremely impactful but just lend the provinces some additional flavor. For the mod I decided to focus on France only because it is a very important country in the game's featured timespan.

Province Flavor Mod: France

Europa Universalis 4


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Fireball Duel

Starcraft 2


This mod was made for my Bachelor's thesis. It focused on willingness to cheat in games based on one's skill.

It was made to mimic the combat popular ARTS games. Both players start the game with identical characters in a hopefully fair duel game.

When one player gets too far ahead the losing player will get a choice whether to get a power-up or not. It is also explicitly stated that the other player will get no such choice, meaning that if the power-up is chosen, the game is no longer mechanically fair.


Sometimes I like to draw stuff.

Personal Art

My own art, drawn for fun or other private reasons.

As the title states this topic concerns only concept art for actual game projects I have participated in.

Game Concept Art


Making maps have been a long time hobby of mine and is something I have been doing for almost as long as I have been drawing.

At first it was just maps drawn randomly mimicking the look of real maps or areas in games. But eventually it evolved and turned into more complicated combinations of tectonics and ecosystems.


A selection of games I have worked on, but haven't finished.

Trade or Pillage

Engine: Game Maker Studio


This is a game concept that I worked on with 2 friends. You play as a sort of caricature of the conquistadors exploring new lands. Every now and then you will happen upon a village and the choice of whether to pursure Trade, or Pillage.

The gameplay was supposed to be inspired by games like Darkest Dungeon or Kingdom, where you simply keep walking with your group and every now and then happening upon events forcing the player to make choices. After a while of walking the village event would happen, following which the game would repeat, procedurally generated and all.

This game was the first game prototype I made in school. You play as a cupid with goal of pairing up as many couples as possible, by shooting them, with love arrows of course.

The intention was for players to have to choose carefully and pair people who would fit together to get the most bonus points. I experimented with a monogamy mode, where you had piercing arrows, which was way more fun (in my opinion).

I even tried to think of ways to play the game on mobile, but eventually dropped the game after moving on with school, however I still find the concept entertaining.

True Love

Engine: Game Maker Studio